Making Chicken Soup for 70 People

When you’ve been asked to prepare a meal for several dozen people, it can be quite scary for those who are inexperienced. However, the truth is that the basics of making soup are really the same, no matter what size batch you’re making- all you have to do is increase your portions. Most importantly, you may want to check out some soup maker reviews, as well as keeping calm, doing the math, and making sure you have sufficient time to get it done.

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In advance, you want to make sure that you take the time to figure out exactly how much soup you are going to need. If the soup is simply one course of a larger meal, you can expect guests to eat approximately 8 ounce portions. On the other hand, if the soup is the main course, you need to expect them to eat approximately 12 ounce portions. Therefore, you have a total of a little over 17 quarts for the smaller or a little over 26 ounces for the larger portions.

Take a look at your favorite soup recipe to figure out the number of portions you are going to need. For example, if your recipe makes 2 quarts, you can divide 17.5 by 2 and you end up with 8.75.

Then, take the time to multiply all ingredients in your recipe by that number and the result will be a batch that is the right size. Simply using common since, don’t stress out over how much .275 of an onion would be. In addition, you may want to check into your local library (or the internet) to find a recipe already large enough for 70 people.

Try to prepare as much as you can ahead of schedule. Peel and dice your veggies, prepare/purchase your broth, and try to make sure you have a pot that is large enough to make the soup in one single batch. Typically, you can find packaged/diced veggies at your local grocery store. Another great option are frozen veggies. No matter what route you choose to go, make sure you take the time to look over some soup maker reviews first.